The Kidney Patient’s Life Coach

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Kidney disease patients who fear a life-sentence tethered to a machine, now have an opportunity to bypass dialysis and live a more fulfilling life. If you think you’d be eligible for a transplant, but don’t have clue about how to find a donor, or you’re just confused overallthe steps, tips and scripts in this book will help you become a quality-of-life champion!


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The Author 

Risa Simon considers herself one of the luckiest woman on earth, despite the fact that she inherited a life-threatening kidney disease that took her father’s life in his early 40’s—and put her brother on dialysis in his mid-30’s. The silver lining? A “second chance” to live an even better life. This life-altering journey is what led Risa to her true life’s work. As a inspirational mentor, speaker and coach, Risa’s paving the path to help all CKD patients live a more fulfilling quality-of-life.


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After contributing 25 years of speaking and consulting in a niche healthcare industry, Risa found herself needing some of her own advice. Risa now spends her time coaching, mentoring and inspiring chronic kidney patients to become their own best advocate by proactively securing their best life possible—the life she is living now. This is what she wants for you. To learn more, visit our blog…


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What Our Readers Say

“Don’t Wait. Buy This Book Today!

Had I known many of the things Risa writes with loving instructions and cautions, my kidney disease may have taken a much different turn with possible different outcomes.”

– Barb Porter -

“This book offers a proven process of how to find a living kidney donor, by becoming your own “Donor Magnet.”

– James M. Gleason -

“A MUST read for anyone who needs an organ donation or has a friend or family in need!”

– Pamela Schultz -

“Whether you have CKD, or are currently on dialysis, this is the book for you!

I feel so much more empowered now that I’ve read this book.”

– ClaudiaW -

“Risa’s enthusiasm and dedication are contagious!”

– Kristi Smiley, Business Development Director - PKD Foundation

“Risa is an indomitable force for kidney patients and someone you want on your team.”

– Nancy Werbach, Director of Development - National Kidney Foundation of Arizona

“This book was a life changer for me and helped me attract donors right away!”

– Beth Rabinowitz, CEO, Turning Phrases

“Risa has the unique ability to inspire others affected by kidney disease to be actively involved in managing their health and to be their own best advocate within the healthcare system.

 Kelli Collins, LICSW,  Patient Services Director – National Kidney Foundation