The Kidney Patient’s Life Coach

New Hope



Shift Your Fate!

Life-Changing Wisdom For Proactive Kidney Patients.

Disheartened Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients who fear a life-sentence tethered to a machine, now have an opportunity to bypass dialysis and live a more fulfilling life.

How is this accomplished? Through  self-advocacy and proactive engagement.

That’s right.

Transplant eligible patients can use the tools in this book to gain a huge advantage over their future.

Risa Simon, author and preemptive kidney transplant recipient (and many of her loyal followers) are living proof that this life-changing system works.

Risa defied her doctor’s “get sicker first” advice after realizing she was sleepwalking her way to dialysis.

Her goal was to bypass dialysis and secure her best life possible-and that’s exactly what she did!

Now, dreaming a bigger dream, her goal is to give all CKD patients an opportunity to bypass dialysis and secure their best life too.

Her story is told with dauntless candor and her life-changing insights are shared with inspired wisdom and astonishing details that are rarely talked about, but must be known.


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Shift Your Fate is an insightful one-of-a-kind resource, chocked full of instructional steps, scripts and tips-including the wildly successful Donor Magnet® system-a system that can help all transplant eligible patients bypass dialysis and secure a kidney transplant-before they need dialysis. Don’t let another day go by! Tap into this empowering wisdom today! *If you are already on dialysis idly waiting for some good news, this book could be your “ticket” to freedom, if you’re transplant eligible.

Learn how you can attract potential living-kidney donors

into your life and start working a plan to

become dialysis free, ASAP!