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Living Kidney Donor Recognition Proclamation

TFA.NKF.MAYOR.LKDs.FINAL1January 14, 2016. January is Living Kidney Donor Recognition month in Phoenix, Arizona. Risa Simon, author of Shift Your Fate and founder of the TransplantFirst Academy (TFA) receives signed proclamation from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. Sharing in the celebration is Jeffery Neff,  CEO of National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, Leslie Brown, VP of National kidney Foundation of Arizona and passionate living kidney donors, Kati Walker and Michelle Fulcher. TFA requested the proclamation as a tribute to living kidney donors because it believes that living donors deserve more recognition. Living kidney donation is down 33% nationwide.

Most healthy people don’t realize they can make an immediate impact on someone’s life. Most people don’t know that they don’t have to be dead to donate. Though, living kidney donation is not for everyone. It takes a very special to lean in this direction – and extremely healthy person to qualify. To date, over 2,800 lives have been saved in Arizona because of these brave heroes.  They inspire us all to be better people and to do more. They deserve more recognition.

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About Risa Simon

Risa Simon is a passionate author, speaker, kidney disease patient advocacy coach and mentor. As the founder and director for,, & Simon Says Seminars, Inc., her mission is straightforward. She's determined to wake-up eligible kidney disease patients who are sleepwalking their way to dialysis. Risa is a woman who not only walked her talk by becoming a preemptive kidney transplant recipient, she wrote the "how to" book on it! And, she's not stopping there. She's started the TransplantFirst Movement! What's her ultimate goal? To help all kidney patients learn how to thrive, not just survive. She’s doing this by bridging the patient education gap between renal groups and transplant centers to improve patient outcomes. Her goal is to give all transplant eligible kidney patients their best shot at an even better life. The life she now lives.

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